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Helping area seniors "Age in Place"


Recipients 60 years and older residing in the Greater Latrobe, Unity, Ligonier, Derry and New Alexandria areas may receive program services for an average of two hours per week. All services are provided free of charge and may include the following by screened and trained volunteers:

Caregiver relief

Caring volunteers sit with loved ones to give caregivers a much needed break.

Correspondence & paperwork

Help with completing forms, paying bills, writing letters.


Volunteers shop for groceries and household goods for those unable to go along.

Friendly visits/calls

Volunteers form friendships visiting and calling. Friendly visits can include completing memory books and oral histories.

Handyman and chores

Skilled volunteers fix a leaking faucet, broken lock, and other minor household repairs. Teams of volunteers provide special projects for yardwork, painting, caulking...

Technology Assistance

Tech savvy volunteers help with instruction and set up of cell phones, computers, internet, facebook, eReaders, and cable tv.


Escorted rides to the doctor, store, and other destinations for those able to get in and out of vehicles with minimal assistance.

Referral Assistance

Connection to other community services.


While we work hard to provide needed services and seek help from other organizations when appropriate, there are restrictions on services and services that we are not permitted to provide. We offer services not offered by other agencies and organizations. We work with partners and organizations to connect recipients with other needed services not provided by the program. We do NOT provide the following:

  • No medical care
  • No personal care
  • No hospice care
  • No professional advice
  • We are NOT permitted to touch medications


Volunteers understand and execute Confidentiality Agreements, agreeing to refrain from discussing program recipients outside the LAIVC Faith in Action program. . Likewise, volunteers are assured privacy and last names, addresses, and phone numbers are not provided to recipients or their family members..


Call the Faith in Action office to request an Application for Recipient Services.

Or, send us an email including name, address, phone, recipient age and need.